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We deliver highly specialized application and network security services for a range of clients with a focus on Technology, Risk, Assessment, and Mitigation (TRAM). Don't be derailed by information security issues. Keep your business on track with TRAM security services.
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TRAM Security is a boutique information security consulting firm that provides personalized, cutting-edge services for our clients. We have put together an all-star team of consultants that average 12 years of experience, maintain a long list of certifications, and have operational and development backgrounds. We have worked with Fortune 100 companies and have experience across various verticals including financial, healthcare, telecommunications, insurance, and banking.


Application Security

Leverage our significant application testing experience to fortify your web, mobile and thick client applications.

Network Penetration Testing

Observe our cutting-edge techniques to identify gaps in your network perimeter, internal network, and security device configuration.

Secure SDLC

Bake security in with threat modeling, secure code review, and security architecture reviews.

Secure Developer Training

Train developers to write code that is fundamentally secure and resilient.

Our Mission
We provide our clients with personalized and cutting edge security services from consultants with at least a decade of security experience.
What we Do?
We are a boutique consulting firm that specializes in application and network security.
Our Company's Values
We put our clients first with exceptional, responsive, and personalized service.

Clients Say.

TRAM helped us integrate security into our SDLC, which reduced the number of vulnerabilities in our environments and lowered our information security costs.

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